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Back by “Popular” Demand

Hello loyal follower(s). After what seems like forever, I am finally graduating from college. I’m joining the Peace Corps, and assuming I get medical clearance, I will be going to Mozambique at the end of August to teach high school science (and maybe English). Some people asked if I would do another blog to keep in touch, and my initial thought was to just add on to this one because I’m lazy. However, when put in the context of working with kids in Africa, “Hangin with Monkeys” doesn’t seem like an appropriate name for a blog so I made a new one ( I’m writing this post because I figured it might be convenient for any family, friends, or anybody else who automatically gets an email when I post something new to move to the new blog. If you do get notified when I post something but have no interest in following my new blog, feel free to ignore this!