Rajasthan Tour

I believe that in an earlier blog post I mentioned that our tax refund money came so we could afford to take a two week tour of Rajasthan. It was great! We saw a lot of forts, temples, and royal palaces. We also took a camel safari where we rode camels out into the sand dunes and watched the sun set. Our guide was really friendly, and he knew all of the best restaurants. They  weren’t the tourist restaurants with only Westerners drinking Coke and eating french fries talking about how much they prefer Indian culture to Western culture. They were restaurants filled with locals, and they were delicious! Plus they were about half of the price of the tourist places. The one thing that bothered me was the fort to temple ratio. For every nice temple there was at least two giant forts. Apparently, before the British took over, every city had a king, and, apparently, they preferred war to prayer. The other little disappointment came from the fact that a lot of the monuments in India aren’t more than a couple hundred years old. I thought everything was ancient, and I know at least one fort was 900 years old, but for some reason I thought everything would be at least that old. The only other minor inconvenience was the roads in India. We had 4-8 hour car rides every day, and we never went over 35 mph. The roads are so crowded and disorganized that we never were able to go too fast. Plus, every 30 seconds we almost died because we had to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting a cow. I only slept for about 15 minutes in one car ride. Liza slept through the entirety of every single ride. I was so bored. All in all, though, we had a blast. It was the bang that we wanted the trip to end with!


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