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Our Last Adventure

When we were in Ecuador and had a crazy adventure we’d laugh because it meant we were on real journey, not a tourist get away. When we got stranded in China we weren’t super happy, but we appreciated that we’d laugh about it one day. In India when we had unexpected adventures we rolled our eyes and sighed. If ever there was the time I didn’t want an adventure, it was the already incredibly long journey home. Here is the story of our crazy couple days on the way home. Our last hotel was about 7 hours away from the airport, and our guide recommended arriving at the airport at least 4 hours early. Plus, the roads are so unpredictable in India that we gave ourselves 3 extra hours just in case. The trip felt like it took forever. Finally, we stopped at a little Indian fast food restaurant near the airport. I got a sandwich that was incredibly greasy. I knew my stomach would regret that decision later, but I was so hungry that I ate it anyways. Liza already wasn’t feeling good so she spent the whole time I was eating in the bathroom throwing up. Then she was so dehydrated, hungry, and tired that she looked really pale and had really bad headaches. Finally, we made it to the airport at 3:30 PM, 7 hours before or flight was supposed to depart. They told us we couldn’t even print our tickets until 3 hours before our flight. We couldn’t get the wifi at the airport to work so we played cards for 4 hours. At 7:30 we went to get our ticket and they told us our flight was delayed until 1 AM. That meant we’d miss our flight from Newark, NJ to Minneapolis so they moved us from the 6:45 AM flight to a noon flight. So we sat around waiting and suddenly I broke out in hives. I think it was from how tired and stressed I was. I was so itchy that I hardly slept on our incredibly hot, 15 hour, overnight flight to Newark. When we finally landed we went through immigration and customs, which was good because it meant we wouldn’t have to do that in Minneapolis. We could just pick up our bags and go home. When we finished with that, at about 7:45 AM, we went to find our gate. We looked at one of the information screens and saw that the 6:45 flight that we were supposed to be on got delayed until 9:45 AM. That was a much shorter wait so we asked if we could be put back on that flight. Fortunately (unfortunately, actually) we got put on that flight. Then for the next several hours it got delayed by half an hour, every half hour. A flight from Baltimore got delayed, and they weren’t sure when it was coming so they kept pushing the departure time back. Finally, 40 minutes after the flight we were supposed to be on initially left, we took off for Minneapolis. It was the longest 3 hours ever. When we finally landed we got vouchers for a free alcoholic beverage on our next flight. That does me a lot of good since I’m 19. When I finally got home everything was perfect! Everyone loved their presents, I took a real shower, flushed toilet paper down the toilet, and ate a 20 oz t-bone steak. My mom also bought a bunch of fruit roll ups and salt and vinegar chips, my favorite junk food. Now I have to start figuring out what to do with myself this summer. I think I want to try a triathlon.Image

Rajasthan Tour

I believe that in an earlier blog post I mentioned that our tax refund money came so we could afford to take a two week tour of Rajasthan. It was great! We saw a lot of forts, temples, and royal palaces. We also took a camel safari where we rode camels out into the sand dunes and watched the sun set. Our guide was really friendly, and he knew all of the best restaurants. They ¬†weren’t the tourist restaurants with only Westerners drinking Coke and eating french fries talking about how much they prefer Indian culture to Western culture. They were restaurants filled with locals, and they were delicious! Plus they were about half of the price of the tourist places. The one thing that bothered me was the fort to temple ratio. For every nice temple there was at least two giant forts. Apparently, before the British took over, every city had a king, and, apparently, they preferred war to prayer. The other little disappointment came from the fact that a lot of the monuments in India aren’t more than a couple hundred years old. I thought everything was ancient, and I know at least one fort was 900 years old, but for some reason I thought everything would be at least that old. The only other minor inconvenience was the roads in India. We had 4-8 hour car rides every day, and we never went over 35 mph. The roads are so crowded and disorganized that we never were able to go too fast. Plus, every 30 seconds we almost died because we had to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting a cow. I only slept for about 15 minutes in one car ride. Liza slept through the entirety of every single ride. I was so bored. All in all, though, we had a blast. It was the bang that we wanted the trip to end with!


How’s This for a Sunrise?

The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan to be the final resting place of his wife. When she died he moved to the US and became a singer. He won 10 Grammys with hits like “I’m Every Woman.” Or maybe that was Chaka Khan. I get them mixed up sometimes.



Finally, Some Decent One Stop Shopping!

I’m sick of buying wine at one shop then having to drive across town just to buy some bears.


I Wanted a Picture of a Tiger, but This Will Have to Do


The Beginning of the End

We are a couple days into our tour now, and we are having a lot of fun. First we did a tour of Delhi. It was great! We saw the Red Fort, Jama Masjid which is an old mosque, a lot of Ghandi memorials, the India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, and much more. Two of my favorites were the Lotus Temple and Lodi Park. Lodi Park was a beautiful park with a lot of old mosques and tombs. It was so cool because they looked like something on a fictional movie. They were they big, grey, run down buildings with vines and palm trees around them.
After Delhi we headed to Agra. The first night we saw some sights including the Agra Fort. The Red Fort is more famous, but I thought the Agra Fort was more impressive. The Mughals, who built the fort, were so big on symmetry in their architecture that we almost got lost. Everything looks the same from every side and if there’s a big square plaza, all of the gates surrounding it are the same. The next morning we woke up at sunrise to see the Taj Mahal. The way the light hits it in the morning makes it look the most beautiful shade of orange. I ran over to the side to get a picture of the sun coming up behind it. I was surprised because I thought everyone would want that picture, but I was the only one. Again, they were so big on symmetry that a picture from the front of the Taj Mahal looks exactly the same as a picture from the side.
Now we’re staying near Ranthambore National Park. We did a safari this morning. We didn’t see any tigers, but we saw a lot of other animals. It’s amazing how many animals there are when there aren’t crazy red necks running around shooting them all with military grade assault weapons. We saw a ton of deer, a ton of peacocks, a ton of monkeys, a jackal, wild boar, crocodiles, and a ton of beautiful birds. We have one more safari tonight so hopefully we’ll see a tiger!
In other news, we’ve booked our tickets home! I’ll be some the morning of March 15th! I’ve had a ton of fun, and I’ll continue to have fun, but I’m still really excited to be home. I thought travelling would be relaxing, but there’s so little margin for error so we’ve constantly been planning, stressing, worrying about money, unpacking, and packing. I can’t wait to take a breather and watch some crappy American TV.
We haven’t had a reliable Internet connection in a while, but I’ll keep trying to post pictures whenever I get the chance. I promise that in two weeks I’ll post my India slide show which will have all the pictures of everything we’ve seen!