Saying Goodbye to the Monkeys

We returned from Cuenca Monday morning for Liza to get her rabies shot. We were hoping that when we returned they would have done something with Sambo or that we would feel better around him. Unfortunately neither was the case, and Liza was having bad dreams so we decided to leave. We decided that we worked very hard to come on this trip and we shouldn’t spend it stuck inside scared of a monkey. We’re still waiting to hear from the volunteering center, but we should be able to get our money back.

I’ll really miss the monkeys. They’re so much fun and, for the most part, very friendly. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at pictures and talking about how much we miss them.

Now we’re back in Quito which is the opposite of the jungle. Its really bothering me. All the food is expensive and not very good. Also there are so many Americans that everybody assumes that I’m dumb and don’t speak Spanish when, in fact, I do speak Spanish. On Wednesday we’re taking a bus to the coast for a bit, then we’re going back to Cuenca for a couple days. Cuenca had a nice running path by the river so hopefully we’ll be there on Thanksgiving because every year I run a 5k on Thanksgiving. After that we’ll head back to Quito then finally to LA to eat Chipotle and also (less importantly) see my family.




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  1. Posted by Nancy Rions on November 6, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Sorry to hear that you had to leave, but it’s understandable under the circumstances. What’s up with the “less importantly see my family”? I hope all goes well this next month
    and you can find some fun things to do. Say Hi to Liza, I hope your wounds heal quickly.
    We’ll miss you at Thanksgiving dinner, hopefully you get your 5k run in and have a nice meal.
    Love You,


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