Liza’s Birthday (but mostly the days surrounding it) Adventure

While we were on our last adventure, hiking through a trail in the jungle, our guide told us he does multi-day tours deep in the jungle, and he was planning one from the 22nd of October to the 25th. Liza seemed interested and her birthday was the 23rd so we decided to go! We were counting down the days because we’ve been at the same place for a long time and we were feeling a little cabin fever-ish with the owners (mostly with them speaking French all day). Finally it was Saturday the 20th. Tomorrow we had to go to his office to pick up some supplies for the trip. We couldn’t wait, and all that was left for the day was to clean the cages which Liza and the other volunteers had to do because I can’t walk to the cages for fear of Sambo. I was sitting on the patio waiting when I heard a scream and Yvan, the owner who was taking a picture of the monkey in the cage Liza was cleaning  yelling, “Sambo, Sambo.” Uh oh. I ran inside to wait. After what felt like forever, I saw Liza, almost in tears, walking toward the house holding her elbow. I ran outside and wrapped a t-shirt around her arm and walked her upstairs. Once I heard the screams I assumed the worst and prepared everything the way I wish things were when I got bit. Liza was in shock so I lied her on her back in the bathroom with her feet up on the sink. When she seemed more in it we cleaned her bite (we took pictures first, of course) and wrapped it. We then decided we’d have to cancel our much awaited trip. Liza spent most of that day lying in bed watching Lord of the Rings (her favorite movies). After the movie, I went downstairs to get water. While I was there Yvan asked which days we were going on the trip. I told him we had to cancel. Then he asked if we wanted to go to Cuenca Thursday to deliver stool samples to the biology lab at the university because he didn’t want to leave until he figures out a safer place for Sambo. We agreed. Then, Monday morning, on our way to get Liza’s rabies shot, Yvan said that last time Sambo bit anybody was because a female was pregnant, and he thinks that’s the case again. He said if its a boy it’ll be Tom and if its a girl, Liza. Then Tuesday came. This was Liza’s birthday so we got ice cream and candy and a cake and stuff. Then we went back to Paseo los Monos to rest before going for steak dinner. When we got home Yvan asked if we were still going to Cuenca today. English is his third language, and he mixed the word for Tuesday and Thursday. We still said yeah! We got the late ticket so we could still go to dinner. Yvan clearly felt bad about what happened to us because he bought our ticket, said take as long as you need, and gave us money for “necessities.” Then we left on our overnight bus ride. We slept off and on, but not great. When we got to Cuenca at 7:30 AM we went to breakfast at a nice little cafe. We then tried to call Caroline, the biology student who interned at Paseo los Monos to see where to meet her. Yvan gave us the wrong number, as we discovered when we tried call. “Looks like we have an adventure!” I said to Liza. We then caught a cab to the university and walked around until we found the biology building. Then a lady asked if we needed anything so we told her who we were looking for. We couldn’t find her so we just dropped the stool sample off in the lady’s office. The only problem was that she had the keys for Yvan’s apartment in Cuenca that we could stay at. We were writing her a note with our phone number and where we’d be to leave with the samples when we heard her voice. She was down the hall telling Yvan on the phone that she hasn’t heard from us yet. Then to her amazement, we ran down the hall and caught her attention. We went to the apartment for a quick nap, then walked around town. We decided to stay in a hotel because we spent Liza’s birthday on a bus. Since then we’ve been walking around town and looking at hand woven alpaca products at the market at eating some good food. Cuenca is the most beautiful city in Ecuador, and we’re having a blast!ImageImage

My alpaca sweater!


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  1. Posted by Greg Maehren on October 29, 2012 at 2:35 am

    Tom I know you don’t want your hair cut till you get home but soon all the alpacas will be able to wear Tom sweaters!! Lol you look great love the sweater!!


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