First Days in the Jungle

So I should start where I left off last time: not having a bag. The lady at the volunteer place, Pamela, was very nice and helpful (everybody here has been great) so she offered to call the airport for me, but I guess they don’t answer on the weekends. Finally its Sunday night with still no word on my bag so we decide to go to the airport to see if its their. Luckily it was bacause I had been wearing the same two outfits over and over. The next day we took a five hour bus ride to Puyo that was eventful to say the least. Every time the bus stopped vendors hopped on to try to sell things, and sometimes people would stand up in front of the bus and rap then go down the aisle asking for money. The bus ride went through the Andes and into the Jungle so it was a beatiful ride. The bus driver was even kind enough to put on a movie about white tourists getting eaten by crocodiles. Finally we arrived at Paseo los Monos in the jungle. We are given a tour of the facility and realize that it isn’t nearly as crude as the people in Quito said it was. The lady who runs it is very, very nice. She is Swiss and only speaks Spanish and French so I have to translate everything to Liza (which she thinks is very impressive). Our first night there we had to release a Guatasa because it was ready to live in the wild. These people from the wildlife ministry came to help us but we couldn’t get her out of her cage. We cornered her with a black garbage bag and she jumped right through it! Then the next day we cut fruit for the monkeys for breakfast and worked on buiding a path for the tourists. The aggressive monkeys stay in cages, but the friendly ones get to run around outside. There are also wild monkeys that come to steal bananas. The monkeys are very friendly and playful. They always jump on your back, especially if you’re carrying food. One guy who co-owns the place always smokes cigars, and its terrible because he throughs the butts outside and one monkey is addicted. Its kind of sad. He graabs the butt, chews on it, then jumps on your back, throws it in the back of your shirt then rolls around in it. Other than that its been great! Compared to Minnesota there aren’t even that many bugs, and its no worse than a humid summer day in Minnesota either. There are two German volunteers and a guy from Israel. They’re all very nice. The Germans have been here for a while so they show us around Puyo and brought us to this delicious juice bar. Sorry I don’t have pictures yet. I either need to put pictures on my laptop and find a place with wifi or bring my cord to an internet cafe. I promise to have some up soon!


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  1. Posted by Josh on September 7, 2012 at 12:33 am

    hey man, sound like things are comming toghether for you and sounds like you have good people (for the most part) around you. can’t wait to see pics. If you can get smokes cheap you could get other monkeys hooked as well and sell them to the monkeys for an inflated price.It’s a well known fact that monkeys can’t comparision shop. have fun be smart. you could be the Phillip-Morriss of the jungle


    • Posted by Nancy Rions on September 9, 2012 at 9:14 pm

      Hi Thomas, Grandpa and I just got home from the cabin. I’m very relieved that you made it safely and your backpack finally caught up with you. Good thing we picked up that “travel” underwear at the AAA store. I love the pictures, looks like you’re both having fun with the monkeys. Do you get to eat all the bananas you want? I’m glad you can keep in touch with this blog, it makes it seem like your not so far away. I love you and miss you. Say hi to Liza.
      Love, Nana


      • Haha of course! There’s a fruit kitchen which is like a separate building with fresh fruit for the monkeys and we can eat some if we want!

      • Today I was trying to eat bananas and everytime I grabbed one a monkey jumped on my back and stole it because if I picked THAT banana it must be the best one.

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