4 Days to Go!

Okay this is probably the last I’ll write before I depart! I’m getting very, very nervous. I haven’t slept well in almost a week. The sad thing is, I’m not even nervous about being in Ecuador. I’m mostly worried about one of my layover flights getting delayed causing me to miss my flight to Quito. I will also miss my family too, obviously. I coached football last year, and I’m helping out again until I leave. There’re going to be two teams, and right now my dad is the only coach so I’m sad I can’t coach a team myself. I’ve been trying to do things to help with the nerves. I’ve been running and lifting weights everyday just to help cope. Picking veggies from my garden, cooking dinner, then eating my emotions also helps. The one thing is that my allergies are bad and being elbow deep in my garden makes my arms itch. Then I scratch them, but since I’ve been picking hot peppers it just burns. Its a vicious cycle.
I have four days left, and all I still have to do is buy some toiletries and get traveler’s checks to pay the project coordinator in Ecuador. I got travel insurance the other day and I went with world nomads because they seemed pretty convenient. Being an 18-year-old guy, though, I’m invincible and nothing bad is going to happen to me ever.
its weird to think that every time I do something it might be the last time I do that thing before I leave. Last time buying gas (finally!), last fast food (thank goodness!), last time seeing this person or that person, etc.
I will be staying in Quito from Thursday night until Monday when I head into the jungle. I’ll try to write once in Quito, then no promises when I go into the jungle. iHasta Quito amigos!


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