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Getting Closer!

I can’t believe its almost July already! That means that I only have to work for three more weeks to meet my goal! I made a chain (yes, like the ones you make in pre-school to count down the days until your birthday) to count the days till I leave. I color coordinated it with red being work days, yellow is weekends, blue is when I’m at the cabin, and green is before I leave, but after I finish working. I like visual things like that because work is really hard, but at this point my chain is mostly green! I’ll try to find something to do to make a little money that last month though because if I don’t have anything to do all day, I’ll wind up spending a ton of money. I am almost ready to leave too! I made a list of all the things I need (ie clothes, awesome steve irwin hat, etc) and I have everything I need. My mom even helped me buy a laptop. This means that there will be a lot more of these awesome blog updates while I’m gone! I also got to talk to a travel doctor. I got 7 shots (which made work, which mostly involves carrying heavy stuff, very difficult) and I have 5 more to go so hopefully I won’t get too sick. He said the two biggest concerns are food born illness, which I should expect to have a few cases of, and auto accidents. Other than that, I should hopefully make it okay! I’m also hoping that since I’m volunteering, theft won’t be such a problem, but as long as Liza and I have our health I won’t be too terribly upset losing a little extra weight. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not too attached to physical things. Okay I’m going now. My next update could very well come after I finish work which will be a great day! See ya!

“The Future’s Paved with Better Days”

This is my first blog update since finishing high school and a lot has happened! When I last wrote, I still needed a job, I hadn’t graduated yet, and I was still planning my grad party. Graduation was alright, but my grad party was awesome! I was expecting so many people to show up and give me their support so thank you everyone! I also found a job doing masonry. I’m not the mason, but I’m the person who carries heavy stuff all day so the masons don’t have to move. I did similar work last summer with my dad and it was so fun! It was tough work, but everyone had fun while they were doing it. At my new job nobody talks and after 9 hours of mixing cement in 90 degree weather, it can get demoralizing. Fortunately, because I worked really hard during the school year to save money I only have to work until mid July! Then I just need something to do to stop me from spending money! I’ll just workout every day if I can! Ok I have to go now, but I’ll try to write more as the serious preparations for my trip begin. Goodbye!