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Summer Time!

Hello loyal follower(s). It has been about a month so I decided I should take a break from my unending procrastination to update my bloggage. Since I last updated my blog I bought my tickets to New Zealand. I say tickets, plural, because we’re staying in Las Angeles for five days so I can see my parents for a couple days. I’ve also finished my AP tests and all of my remaining college stuff. Now I have four days of school left! That’s right. Four days. I work three of the next four, but I’ll survive. My biggest stress now is finding a job to replace the hours that I’m at school. I really like working at the Container Store, but I can’t be there all day everyday during the lovely summer weather. I want to be outside doing mindless labor all day. I have a backup plan to get a job at Comotown, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t like working there. If I didn’t work another day, I would probably have the money to buy my last ticket and pay for the programs, but the more spending money I have the better. I’ve been so busy lately with work and school, but I took today to get my life back together. I finally got to clean and go help out coaching a baseball practice. Oh also I had an appointment with the allergist today. What a terrible thing! “We think your body doesn’t like these things so we’ll stab needles covered in them into your back. Then, when it itches like crazy, you have to lie there without scratching them.” Whose idea was that? Okay I have to finish watching House now (its a good one!), but I’ll probably write again after my last day! See Ya!